Monday, August 8, 2016

The Preacher's Resolutions (Azurdia)

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The Preacher’s Resolutions

"Resolved, that I will ‘preach the word’—not about the word—not from the word—not with the word—affirming that it is only the exposition of the word that communicates God’s mind and conveys His power to transform.

Resolved, that I will labor to the point of exhaustion when preparing to preach.

Resolved, that I will display the redemptive indicatives that establish the basis for moral imperatives.

Resolved, that I will repeatedly acknowledge my absolute dependence upon the empowerment of the Spirit.

Resolved, that I will allow the cross to not only determine the content of my preaching, but the manner in which I communicate it.

Resolved, that I will give careful attention to my private and public walk with God, knowing the congregation never rises to a standard higher than that being lived by the preacher.

Resolved, that I will fervently pray for the regeneration and sanctification of those to whom I preach.

Resolved, that I will preach with humble gratitude, as one privileged to be a herald of God.

Resolved, that I will preach solely for the pleasure of God and not the approbations of people."

By Professor Azurdia.