Sunday, October 15, 2017

He Shall Reign Forevermore! (2 Samuel 7; pt. 3 and 4)

On October 15th we continued our series on "God's Original and Marvelous Design for Men and Women."  It is critically important that before we get into the more disputed texts, such as 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and 1 Corinthians 11, that we begin in the VERY GOOD beginning.  Paul himself points to the pre-fall plan of God as the biblical basis of his New Testament instruction.  This adult bible study series complements our men's leadership study of "the Exemplary Husband" and our ladies study of "the Excellent Wife."  These are vitally important issues.  Titus 2 says the testimony of the gospel is at sake!

During the worship service we will continue our exposition of 2 Samuel 7 which is one of the most significant passages in the entire Old Testament.   If you want to understand the New Testament, especially issues related to the end times (eschatology) then we need to know the First Testament.  The title of the morning sermon is "He Shall Reign Forevermore!"

Because I had way too much material for one sermon I preached a second exposition during a special evening service titled, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road All the Way Home."  This journey trace the major themes of 2 Samuel throughout the rest of the Bible.  The Word of God truly is one giant story (a interconnected metanarrative).  Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees.  This message is designed to help us so the grand design of heaven.

In order to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ drive home the implications of the inspired text I provide extended notes for further meditation and application (see below). 

He Shall Reign Forevermore sermon notes-

For Further Reflection/Application:
Are you jealous for the honor, glory, and reputation of your great God and King (like David
was)? Provide some examples to support your answer.

The great Covenants must be viewed through a biblical looking glass to see both near and far.  What was meant by this statement? (think back to last week’s “already/not yet” teaching)

What promises of God are you struggling to accept? For example, “My spouse can never
change.” “My situation is helpless.” “I cannot overcome this obstacle, trial, and/or besetting
sin.” (Note Phil. 4:13; 1 Cor. 10:13)

Are you more passionate and concerned about earthly kings and kingdoms then you are with
the coming Kingdom of Christ? Why do we seem to care more about CNN and Fox News then
the future Kingdom of the Messiah? What can we do to change this trend?

What often happens when believers begin to idolize the present over/against the future?
(see 2 Cor. 4:16-18; 1 Peter 1:3f)

In what ways is 2 Samuel 7 the Romans 8:28-39 of the Old Testament? (remember “the Death,
Sin, and Time” statements).

Related Songs:
God, the Uncreated One (King Forevermore)- Pete James
He Shall Reign Forevermore- Chris Tomlin
Sing to the King-
You are My King (Amazing Love)-

Related Biblical Texts:
2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17; Psalm 2; 89; 110; Zechariah 2:20-24; Isaiah 9:6-7; 11:1-10;
Jeremiah 3:14-26; Matthew 1:1-18; Acts 13:26-37; Revelation 5:5f; 22:16.

Key Biblical and Theological Terms:
The Ark of God- The ark of the Covenant was the symbol of God’s presence among His people.
Originally it was kept in the Tent of Meeting (the Tabernacle) and was later placed in the holy of
holies in the Jerusalem Temple.

Irrevocable-not capable of being changed; impossible to revoke.

The Jewish Patriarchs- Any of those biblical figures regarded as fathers of the human race,
especially Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, their forefathers, or the sons of Jacob.

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